It’s not just for wrinkles

This week I am thrilled, practically bouncing off the walls at my doctors´office. “Christmas came early this year,” I joyfully exclaim to my doctor. “I’m getting my Botox injections!”


For all the skeptics out there, let me explain. Every three months, I go see my doctor, a specialist in brain injury medicine, for injections that will temporarily relieve my muscle tone. The 800 units I get today (a hefty dose for sure), are spread out between various muscles in my neck, back, arm, wrist, hand, calf, and ankle. I get so many injections, you’d be hard pressed to find a muscle that DOESN’T receive the toxin. 😂

After I get all the shots (which can be a long process, sometimes up to two hours), it takes about a week for the medication to take effect and loosen my tight muscles. In the meantime, the only thing I have to show for an afternoon of needle injections is a series of nasty bruises on pretty much the entire left side of my body.

But when the medication takes effect a week later, it’s like magic (no joke). It is suddenly easier for me to open my hand and work on my exercises. I love getting Botox for this very reason, to provide me temporary relief from the tightness I feel constantly throughout my body.

Now that I’ve just received my injections, it’s time to commit to some serious work on my rehab. I have a three-month window to take advantage of my muscle looseness by strengthening that left side and rewiring my brain. Stroke recovery is a lifelong journey, but I am committed to the process and willing to constantly adapt to find new ways of accomplishing tasks. Onward!

A mid-injection sshot of me and my doctorss
Masked and mid-Botox injection at the doctors’. My doctor holding his copy of my most recent book about my recovery experience, Fast Fwd: The Fully Recovered Mindset.

To read more about my experience with recovery and how Botox has helped me, order a copy of my book Fast Fwd.

6 thoughts on “It’s not just for wrinkles

  1. I’m so happy that it works for you! In my case you’d might as well inject me full of any other liquids. Almost zero effect


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