The End of an Era // New Beginnings

I realize it’s been some time since I updated my blog. In my defense, the past few months have been CRAZY. Tomorrow I’ll be beginning a new job, and I just signed the lease for my first apartment. That’s right, I’m finally moving out! Big changes involving my career and independence are happening and I couldn’t be more excited for what the future holds.

As sad as I am to be leaving my first job (I seriously could not have asked for a better experience), more than anything I am excited to begin this new chapter. If you happened to read my first book ( which I highly recommend btw 😉),  then you know that I’ve always had a Passion for Fashion. Which is why it’s especially crazy for me to come to grips with the fact that this is actually happening, that it’s really me who is beginning a new job in luxury. What I had always previously thought of as a pipe dream is now about to be my reality. This truly is the manifestation of four+ years of hard work. In the past few years leading up to this moment I’ve learned that dreams can come true, but it doesn’t happen overnight, or even over the course of a few days or weeks. If we want something badly enough, it is worth it to put in the time and effort required to work towards it. After all, as cliche as it sounds, we really only do have one life to live, and that life is happening now. Go forward and chase your dreams and put in the work, enjoying the journey, because anything worth having in life is a process. Onward!

Launch party for my the publication of my first book in September 2018!

6 thoughts on “The End of an Era // New Beginnings

  1. So exciting. So proud of you and happy for you. Your strength and determination has proven anything is possible 💙


  2. Such happy news although I’ll miss seeing your mom and you on walks in the neighborhood. Good luck. They will be lucky to have you.


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