New Job, New Apartment, (and Most Importantly), New Cocktail Recipe 🍸

I’ve not been very active on my blog lately, so there are lots of updates to share. Earlier this year, I accepted a new full-time job in my dream industry, fashion. My office is not that close to my parents’ house, so in the spirit of change I decided to take another big leap of faith and move out! 

I started my new job in June, and in September of this year I finally moved out and into my very own one-bedroom apartment! Not only am I starting a new career in my dream industry, but I am also fulfilling my longer-term goal to be independent.  

In the past two months since moving in, my apartment is finally starting to come together and feel like a home. I still can’t drive due to my vision issues, but luckily it’s a relatively quick and inexpensive Uber ride to the office. I am adjusting to living completely on my own and having to do everything for myself (like getting rid of the cave cricket that mysteriously appeared in my closet☹️). 

Once I settled in, I decided to host my very first party, a Halloween housewarming of sorts. An excuse to get my coworkers together and unwind after a long week with some wine and charcuterie. 

If you would have told me four years ago that I would be living independently and entertaining guests in my very own apartment, I would have said you’re crazy. But never say never! My first party was a success, and I’m already brainstorming my next event. This is only the beginning and there is so much more to come. I am excited to grow and continue on this exciting adventure called life. Onward!

My sister Bridget and me, moments before taste testing the witches’ brew
And the witches’ brew was a huge hit!

7 thoughts on “New Job, New Apartment, (and Most Importantly), New Cocktail Recipe 🍸

  1. That’s my granddaughter..words can’t express how proud I am of her dedication and
    Accomplishments..God bless you Maddie.


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