Fast Fwd: Disability Dialogues, Interview 1: Find Your Success, Disability ≠ Failure

Name: Miqdad

  Location: Maysan Governorate, Iraq

  Governorate of Mesan

  “Today I am studying a BSC in Business Administration and excelling in my studies.  I have many friends who love and respect me and who I also love and respect.  My disability is related to movement and is concentrated in my right hand.  I do most things with my left hand.

  “I am fortunate that moral support is with me everywhere I go.  I am supported by my family, my university friends, and my online friends too.  However, regarding financial support, unfortunately I haven’t found a job yet, although I hold a Warehouse Management Diploma.  But that is not an obstacle to the successes I have achieved or those I will achieve in the future.

“There are many opportunities that I would like to realize.  I learned management and loved this specialty, and  anywhere I will be creative with my specialization. I have knowledge in the field of electrical installations, drawing Arabic calligraphy, and cooking.

  “In Iraq, there are different fields of work for people with disabilities.  We naturally play our part in society.  Some people with disabilities work according to their testimony, some work according to their profession, and some work in the free field and in other job opportunities.

  “Every disabled person has a beautiful talent.  It is true that God took something from him, but He gave him something more beautiful and more special.  Today you may see a disabled person, but he is a great painter, doctor, or scientist.  God takes something but gives something in return.  My advice to every disabled person is to discover your talent, be creative in it, and share it with the world.”

3 thoughts on “Fast Fwd: Disability Dialogues, Interview 1: Find Your Success, Disability ≠ Failure

  1. I don’t generally leave comments on blogs, but I had to make one and say, your content is great and I hope for the best in your recovery and future endeavors!


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