Another year in the books

As we are heading into a new year, I’m reflecting on all the highs and lows. In the spirit of reflection, I put together this list of 5 things I wish I learned sooner from my stroke recovery journey.

5 things I wish I learned sooner from stroke recovery
1. Recovery is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s the toughest soldiers that fight the hardest battles, so know that you are strong, resilient, and capable of whatever challenges thrown your way.
2. It’s ok to rest and take breaks. We’re in this journey for the long haul. My personality has always been to stay in “go” mode, but I’ve learned that taking breaks to rest and recharge is essential for recovery. Rest gives the brain time to heal.
3. Life is too short to not chase your dreams. Those of us who have suffered trauma have an intimate understanding of the brevity of life. So start before you’re ready and pursue your passions, share your thoughts and feelings, and live a life that is true to you. After all, we’re not getting any younger. 😂
4. One day you’ll look back at these tough moments and realize how much progress you’ve made. When we’re caught in the grueling day-to-day of rehabilitation, it’s easy to get frustrated with what appears to be a lack of progress. But one day you will look back on this time and be so impressed with yourself and realize how far you’ve come. I find myself blown away when I think back on the earlier days of my recovery – it’s so surreal and I can’t believe I actually went through all of that. Kinda feels like a dream or like it was someone else’s life.
5. You are important and your story matters. Share and connect with others, we’re all on this adventure called life together.

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy new year. In 2023 I’ve decided I’m leveling up – I recently launched my online community page to connect the stroke and disability community. I know how important having the proper support is in recovery, so I’ve created this page for that purpose. On the community page I am hosting monthly calls so all the survivors and thrivers can meet each other. Subscribe for email updates on all the exciting things to come and sign up to join this amazing community (of already over 100!).

Also, if you’re interested in improving your mindset for 2023, sign up for a one-on-one mindset coaching with yours truly. 🙂 Invest in yourself in 2023, and I can’t wait to help you achieve your goals.

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7 thoughts on “Another year in the books

      1. December and January are my slowest months of the year. I will definitely set aside some time for you. Was I back to full time work yet the last time we talked?


  1. Happy New Year Maddie. Hope you are well and I am so excited about the community you created. I would love to know more about how your doing and the things you are gaining back in life.. like running! That’s huge and I am SO proud of you. You are an amazing person and I am so proud of you.

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  2. Happy New Year Maddie! Glad to hear you’re doing well and are, as usual, undaunted by the challenges you have to deal with. Frank Bolger, another Kessler graduate.

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