TRCare biofeedback therapy for upper extremity stroke rehab

Happy Friday everyone! I hope everyone has had a great week and is looking forward to the weekend. I know I can’t wait to have a relaxing one.

Last weekend was super eventful for me. I went to Pittsburgh to support my friend running the marathon. It was an amazing experience and truly a special time seeing him. I am not a marathon runner myself (yet ;)), but what I specifically like about hanging out with runner friends is that it usually involves lots of walking. As many of you know, I love and openly welcome any opportunity to get moving. And every time I visit my friend, I immerse myself in the running community, and think that the running community has a lot of lessons to teach stroke survivors about the power of consistency to reap huge rewards in our recovery journeys.

Another friend told me that marathon running is merely a mindset, and if you think you are, then it is true. As I spend more time with the running community, I have realized that there are lots of lessons to be learned from runners that can be applied to our recovery. Stroke recovery starts with our mindset, and dare I say it – a fully recovered mindset. 😉 While the way that we complete activities after a stroke may look different than how it did before, the most important thing is that we are constantly trying and finding new ways to adapt. When we believe that we can achieve and dial in to the process and enjoy the journey, it is a beautiful thing. It’s no longer about achieving the desired end result so much as it is about putting in the work, appreciating the moment for what it is, and growing along the way. 

And speaking of stroke recovery I wanted to also mention an exciting virtual event next week that I will be doing with TRCare. I have been doing biofeedback tele-rehab sessions for the past few months with TRCare, and I have seen some pretty significant gains. Biofeedback therapy has helped me become more aware of my synergistic patterns so that I can work on breaking them. It helped me realize that I employ many compensatory strategies that have inhibited me for a long time. Sign up below for the virtual event which will be hosted by me and the TRCare team. I will be the patient model demonstrating how do you put on the sensors and exercise with them on. I like to do rehab exercises wearing the sensors because the sensors show me on a graph my muscle activity so I can see if I am using the correct muscle or if I need to adapt my strategy. If you are feeling plateaued in your stroke recovery as I was a few months ago, then you will want to consider joining this session to learn about how biofeedback therapy could help you:

Hope to see you there. Onward!



All smiles at the Pittsburgh marathon last weekend with Greg and Roc!


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